The Lodge at Weston Hills: Renderings & Detailed Plans

A number of Weston Hills residents have reached out looking for specific details on the proposed site plan. All the information is available through this Dropbox link, but we wanted to also put it on here for easy access.

The picture above shows exactly where the proposed project will go, in addition to the area of rezoning. The Weston Hills communities are also named to clearly show where the development will be in relation to those areas.

The area outlined in orange is the land where rezoning is needed to complete this project. 

Here is a closer look at proposed rezoning and how it will be utilized in this project. 

The above picture is a rendering of the luxury residential building and how it will be structured. You can see the parking garage is in the middle of the building. It has its own clubhouse, park and pool. This is for residents of the building and is in no way related to the pool and clubhouse used by country club members. 

Here is the layout of the proposed clubhouse, pool and tennis area for the country club. This rendering shows 5 tennis courts, but the layout can accommodate more if that is what the members need. This is not the definitive plan. 

Below is more digital renderings of the project. 


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