High-Tech Gate System Uses Your Phone to Grant Access

Long lines at the guard gate are a thing of the past with new technology. Weston Hills Resort Group, LLC plans to use a state of the art system that will keep lines short and streamline the process for residents and their guests.

Tap2Openʼs Cloud-based Smartphone Access System is a modern alternative to call boxes, manned gates, and remote guards.

Check out these facts from the Tap2Open website:

Residents can easily schedule a single visitor or group and send invitations anywhere there is Internet connectivity
Invitations can be sent simply via SMS, E-mail, or by copy-and-paste
Flexible scheduling allows residents to control exactly when guests may enter
Residents can cancel or update an invitation at any time

Guests can avoid long lines and wasted fuel waiting for entry
No need to install an app; a single tap opens an invitation right in the guest’s mobile phone’s browser
Automatically provides guests with driving directions and entry instructions on their smartphone.
Guests can avoid exposing themselves to rain or other extreme weather when entering the community.

The system maintains detailed access logs
No special programming tools required – residents are managed with an easy-to-use web interface
Complements existing access systems and reduces overhead to help cut costs
Increased security with less manpower.

To learn more about the system check out Tap2Open's website or click here to see frequently asked questions.


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